Thursday, October 4, 2007

Camp continued

Since I opened my blog talking about Meg's Knitting Camp I figure it would be a good thing to include, how I got to camp and some of the great things that go on at camp and share pictures.
I was lucky enough to stumble into the September 2007 mini camp...I just happen to be on the phone with Schoolhouse Press and talking with Eleanor about how I missed signing up for summer camp 2007. Eleanor told me there might be an opening for a trial mini camp in September and was I interested....with in a heart beat I was saying yes...I tend to be impulsive, something I am working on to fix. Out came the piggy bank and a conformation with my husband...I had already gone to Brazil this year with my sister and was gone for 3 weeks, so leaving again was not really fair. However, my DH was fine with it and I was on my way.
I had to wait over the weekend to see if I could get in and it was the longest weekend I have had in a long time. I finally got the word, Meg let me in even if it meant an extra person. Within hours I received an email with "homework", this is optional but being of the anal type A person that I am, I felt since I was being allowed to attend I should do it all.
The assignment was to knit a couple of baby or teddy bear sweaters. OK, I have no babies to knit for and no teddy I decided I wanted these to be my "camp sweaters" so I would knit them to fit me. Now mind you...I had just signed up to do Knitter's Almanac KAL in the Yahoo group and the first thing we were working on was the PI. Again, since I seem to do my own thing, I wanted to do my PI in very fine 100% cotton crochet thread. The reason I was going to do it this way is because I wanted this to be a gift for a very good friend and wasn't sure she would do a shawl. So, thinking of her round table in the kitchen over looking a beautiful garden I wanted to make a table cloth...washable! The PI was to be for Christmas but if I was going to Wisconsin for camp that meant getting it done right away and it would give me something for show and tell at camp.
OK, so now I have a month to do the PI, design and knit a Norwegian Sweater and a Spiral Yoke sweater.
August was spent with every min knitting...I rather liked it too, although at the end I was getting rather frazzled and thinking my fun knitting was turning into a stress knitting...again of my own choice because I put the pressure on me.
I decided to go a bit early to camp. I am from Wisconsin and my family lives in Milwaukee. I would go to my sister's house, use her car to drive the 4 hours up to Marshfield a day early...again my A type is showing...fear of getting lost and missing camp...rather be there a day early then a min late.
I arrived at camp on Wed afternoon, checked in and set about getting my espresso pot set up and knitting stuff out.
Thursday, now I wait...I left my room to get some ice for an ice latte when I hear knitters talking under the balcony in the lounge. I took a deep breath and went down to meet them. On the couch is Meg and Amy....Meg invites me to sit down next to heart stops, I float to the couch and sit down. I am sorry I can't tell you what we talked about because the whole time my body is screaming at me.."I'm sitting between Meg and Amy"!
We spent a few min. talking and then it was time to work our way to the conference room...time to eat!

Meg starts out with introductions and a little
about we socialize and eat an amazing vegetable lasagna.
Knitting camp has begun...

Friday we go off to Meg's sisters restaurant (at left) for breakfast...included in camp and then meet by 9 AM for the beginning of class. With in seconds I realized I want to get it all, so I switch my camera to video and video as much as I can, considering I have brought 2 extra batteries and both are bad and won't I am left with one battery and it is an old one. The battery held up until the last few min of camp...which is so sad, because that is when Meg reads a digression of EZ's out of Opinionated Knitter...I did get some of it. Although the story that Meg read wasn't sad, it made everyone slightly teary eyed.
My next post will be about EZ, Meg and their knitting and camp. I will also post on my blog things I have completed and things I am working on. I also have a few tips I would like to, although I have been up since 4 AM, I have done nothing more then get dressed, start the sprinkling system and make my bed...I have much more to do.

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