Thursday, October 11, 2007

Camp Pictures

I am so far behind. I guess I will be lucky if I can
make it here once a week to up date.

Last night I finally named my camp pictures
so I know which ones they are when I load
them or make my DVD.

So here goes.

Marshfield Conference Center can see my room, the one on
the RT with the curtains open.

Here I am swatching for camp...plenty of room
to spread out. There is also a desk and tv as you
will saw in the video.

Here come Meg and Amy.

Once we have dessert (Meg) class can begin.

The first thing I realized is my note taking
wasn't going to do it. I wanted to watch and
not miss a thing. So I switched from pictures
to video. However, I did take some pictures
of stuff Meg brought to the room with her
and I am sure you will recognize them all.
There were piles of Meg's and Ez's knitting
stuff for us to check out and try on.
I was overwhelmed. Look how perfect each
stitch is snd the color work...not a pucker to
be seen. I hope someday I can be half
as good.

Below are pictures of some of Ez's and Meg's
sweaters...which are on display for us at camp.

How do you start a knitting class?
With cast on of course.
Did you know there are at least 40 ways to cast on.
No, Meg didn't go through them all,
but she coverd a lot of them and why you would use
certain ones.

think you could run a whole camp just for casting on!

Sara and Amy help out.

Well, this is it for now. I need to go back and
watch the videos to see which ones I want to add.
Hope this all works, until I can get back.

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