Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cheap Fixes

Adding Rubber Worm bag for the use as a circ needle keeper.

Different size cooler type bags are great for small knitting projects and take a long bags. They are very cheap, have some "shaping" so they hold their shape and wont crush in...and are washable and have great straps...I can put around my waist or over my shoulder.

Music stand with clothes pin bag
attached for dodads. This is great for patterns and books.

Rubbermaid plastic jar from grocery store.
They come in 2 sizes...this is the small one.
Great for skiens and center pull or balls of yarn.

3 ring zippered binder..I got this at Staples,
it is great because it not only zips up but has
a shoulder strap and a handle. Great for taking
to knitting camp! holds pencil cases full of circs!

These are the nylon, zippered pencil cases...
Walmart. I have all my permenant circs in KnitPicks
Options and Harmony's are in another Knit Picks case.
Printing out large labels with needle size makes
finding the right needle fast.

Mini Hair clips (comein many sizes)....gotten anywhere...
I got these in the grocery store.
These are great for holding
unsewn items together while sewing up or just to
see how the project is fitting together.

This pen you can get in any fabric store, including disapears when dampend. So a little
moisture and the mark is gone. I mark my
charts as I use them and my written patterns.
When I am done just wipe clean...pattern is ready
for the next time I use this pattern or I can keep
my notes and marks...for reference.

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