Thursday, November 29, 2007

Test post for my first video...Wrapping

So, this is my first attempt at showcasing my homemade knitting demos...I wanted to do a video of how you do a "wrap" in knitting for a fellow knitter.
This is my very first Web Cam video performance and I will need to tweak it for better quality, both in visibility and understanding. However, I wanted to see how it would show up on my Blog, but will work on doing much better quality demos after the holidays when more time will Christmas knitting "marathoning" is well underway right now. I hope to add videos on:
A) 2 circs with both 1 item (sock, sleeve) and 2 items (2socks, 2 sleeves) I also want to do the B) Magic Loop method and their cast-ons.
C) Crocheted Provisional Cast-On (I have fallen in love with this method and will show how I do it.)

Gee..I get to combine 3 of my loves: teaching, knitting and cool is that!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Kniting like crazy

Some of the projects I have started to work my the Shawl, Meg made her daughter for her wedding, the Spanish Peacock in The Gathering of Lace in the Gallery...However, mine will be in a deep red...icelandic lace
I also ordered the yarn to do a swatch for the Knit-Purl sweater in the new Armenian Knitting book by Meg and Joyce.
Me in THE ARAN COAT I have watched the DVD at least 5 times and last week I ordered some of the sheepsdown to do my swatch...I will work on finishing touches to the design of my pattern this week.
Me in the sweater that EZ made and showcased in Meg's book The Gathering of Lace! Ok, so I look a bit sweater is all bunched up under the sweater

Well, as usual I have decided at the last min. I do want to knit for some of my friends for Christmas presents. So this weekend I KNIT and then I KNIT SOME MORE!
A few months back I purchased some cotton Peaches and Cream and made a dish cloth...well I love it but it seemed small so I made another one but bigger...NOT better...I threw out the big one and made my self some more small ones. These little things are mighty big on cleaning up...bigger just gets in the way.
So, now everyone I know is getting a set of dish cloths and a bottle of matching dish soap...the color matches the dishcloth...can you say Anal!! I like things that match...there are days my underwear matches my blouse/Sweater!!!...I am color coordiated!! Ok maybe not color
coordinated just anal.

Ok, finally got my invite...didn't think I would be impressed or care but figured I better go see what all the chatter was about....OMG...each time I go in there I find more things to do and get excited is like going to KNITTING CAMP! And the great part is all the campers are there already. I am still setting up my pages...was excited that some people picked my ASJ and Aspen sweater as their favorites... I love the book part...putting in all my books and seeing them so neat on the shelves and the fact that all I had to do was type in a title and click on a picture and all the information is then loaded onto my page and I can download into a database and now I have a great database of all my books, which I can put on my PDA and keep with I don't buy anymore seconds!
Speaking of databases I will post the database I did with all of EZ's and Meg's books with pattern locations. I am waiting for Michelle to check it out and make sure I have it all right.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Norwegian Sweater at Knitting camp Sept 2007

This is Meg Swansen working on the sleeves for my Norwegian Sweater. This was at the Septemeber 2007 mini camp.

This is Meg doing applied I-cord, on my sweater, using Joyce William's new method which addresses the blip...and hides it. I am using this method on my rib warmer now...using unspun far so good...I keep waiting for the yarn to pull apart!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pam in the Mananita I knit her for her Birthday in Oct. I hope she will wear it a lot. I used Shetland Lace wt yarn...of course from SHP. I am turning into such a yarn My next post will add a few more videos from camp...I will not post all my will have to go to camp if you want to see everything. LOL
Various views of the doilies I made for Judy's Birthday.

Doily I made for Liz for her birthday...the oj is to show size.

Doily I made for a friend in Brazil...this is Bianca

This is my rib warmer...

made with unspun Icelandic wool from

ASJ colors are dark rasberry, light rasberry,

light sage, dark sage.

*These were my after camp, air plane knitting

These lace ones are done...

this was a lesson in what not to use

for lace knitting I use

mohair...never again!

*Red lace sweater from pg 63 Spring Knitters Mag. it's blue in Knitters.

*Felted Clogs for Son's.
*Bob's Socks for his birthday...I did the EZ arch, then added ribbing before doing toe.

*Ronnie's Socks for Birthday
*PI done in DMC #70 crochet thread. Did this for friend. Kathy with the PI

*Aspen Sweater for Lisa's Birthday

*Felted purse for Marlene's Birthday.

*Red sweater for Christmas 2006

Friday, November 9, 2007

What happens in Camp, Doesn't stay in Camp

This is for are right, what happens in Marshfield, doesn't always stay in Marshfield.

We had entertainment....The Magnificent, The Great Magician, MS Lesley!