Thursday, November 29, 2007

Test post for my first video...Wrapping

So, this is my first attempt at showcasing my homemade knitting demos...I wanted to do a video of how you do a "wrap" in knitting for a fellow knitter.
This is my very first Web Cam video performance and I will need to tweak it for better quality, both in visibility and understanding. However, I wanted to see how it would show up on my Blog, but will work on doing much better quality demos after the holidays when more time will Christmas knitting "marathoning" is well underway right now. I hope to add videos on:
A) 2 circs with both 1 item (sock, sleeve) and 2 items (2socks, 2 sleeves) I also want to do the B) Magic Loop method and their cast-ons.
C) Crocheted Provisional Cast-On (I have fallen in love with this method and will show how I do it.)

Gee..I get to combine 3 of my loves: teaching, knitting and cool is that!!!


N. Maria said...

Very, very interesting how you did it "your" way. I love it as my purl wraps were just too tight.
I could not think outside the box on this one.
Thank you for sharing!

Mandy said...

Thanks! A really interesting video. Its certainly easier this way to see what is meant by wrapping. The number of times I have read and reread instructions to try and make sense of written instructions. This would have been so much easier!
At least I now know I have got it right!

Yvette said...

Thanks so much for this - very helpful! And your video is very good - I couldn't see anything wrong with it at all - for a first attempt it is brillant!thomasjack

EllyMae said...

I'm going to have to try this next time I'm told to wrap stitches. Thanks for the great video!

Peg-woolinmysoup said...

Thanks for that method of wrapping and turning! I have knit 7 Rib Warmer's, but I have another in mind and will try your method. I slip my first stitch, as if to purl, and it gives a nice 'chain' on the edge!
Isn't that the beauty of knitting - you can do it the way you like best!

Anonymous said...

yeah.. really like this thread..