Monday, December 10, 2007


Ok here it is in all it's glory. I have to close up the heel and toe and I am thnking of doing an I-cord around the top, between the white cuff and the red and white corragated ribbing above the ornaments. I wasn't able to do the instructions Meg gave due to the difference in size. I did the best I could with the gauge I was working with.
Sue will be coming to our house for Christmas, so decided to make her a Stocking...I designed it and started knitting yesterady Dec. 9th. I didn't swatch just guessed...I GUESSED WRONG. The sock is just a wee bit big...a cat could crawl in there...I was more concerened with getting patterns to fit in an area...I used 80 stitches. The top is done in double moss stitch and looks fluffly like fur and I did a Yo across the top and turned the hem so now it has those nice peaks. I will work the rest of the sock down and do it in red and green with a red and white striped heel and toe. The red and white above and below the name is done in 2 color corrigated ribbing...was a nice touch of texture...along with the top being done in double moss.
I think I want to play more with texture and color.

I also think I may have discovered a different way to do 3 needle bind much easier, although I always loved 3 needle bind a nce finish and no sewing involved! A knitters delight. The name is done in Armenina knitting since there were such long carries. My color knittng is getting so much more puckering.
The colors are more Victorian...dark forest geen, christmas red and then cream...wish I had a more darker red...

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