Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spanish Peacock Shawl arrives home

Several hours of not breathing waitng for the UPS guy to deliver it...the Peacock finally got to Judy's It didn't arrive until after was a long day of waiting, I was so worried it had gone to UPS Hell.

Judy liked it...and I have to looks good in her house. So Judy..HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Spanish Peacock Spreads it's wings

The Spanish Peacock from A Gathering of Lace by Meg Swansen, was freeded from it's needles this week and at once spread it's glorious wings to show it's beauty. And what a beauty it is at 7 feet across. Here are some satistics on the edge alone: The edge is from Barbara Abbey’s Knitting Lace (Schoolhouse Press) pg 68 #73 Valenciennes. …I did chart this out…even color coded it to make it easier to follow…it is a 12 row, 26-28 STITCH repeat.
The last row of the shawl has 48 repeats…those repeats have 20 stitches…48X20=960 stitches…each of those stitches get a double pass from a row of the edging (there and back of lace edging) 960x2=1,920 rows….x an average of 27 stitches(an edge row) = 51,840 stitches…that was the edge only.

The Peacock will now fly to TN to a new home where it will be well cared and loved.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Spanish Peacock Shawl update

Oh...she comes in at 7 ft across

Today the Spanish Peacock freed her self from her needles...she spread her wings to show her true beauty...and what a beauty she is!

(the colors are more of a dark wine red instead of the light red u see...I hope to take much better pictures once she is placed on a light color back ground.)

Whew...this is a handful. The Peacock wasn't bad but the finding an edge has been a nightmare. I have been looking for just the right one. I have been looking for it in all my books and on the net...finally found one I liked. I down loaded it and worked for 5 days trying to get the thing to knit up...but I kept getting the wrong number of stitches. I counted and counted and ripped and redid the thing for 5 days...I wanted to sit in the corner and cry...finally I said it has to be the pattern not can not knit 25 stitches if there is only 24 stitches on the needle. I finally found the designer...and sent her an email. She assured me it was correct...I assureed her it wasn't...finally she wrote back and said...geee there seems to be a mistake...THANK YOU!

She said she would correct it and get back to me...4 days later I was looking for another edge. I found it in one of my books that Judy sent now it was time to make a chart that I could follow...of course being in a hurry I made so many mistakes...3 days later I finally had all the right number of stitches but no clue how to do a YO at the end of a row. Good ol Ravelry and the knitters there, got me through it and we got the thing to work. I knit and I knit and I seem to get nowhere. I am really having a problem focusing on this....I think because I had a feeling I didn't have enough yarn....I DON'T. However...Tami and Schoolhouse Press found more of the same lot...Thank you have saved me.

So, now I finish the skein I have and wait for the new yarn to come...

So here it is...not done yet and the chart I did. As you can see my charts are pretty colorful...but they help me keep focused on where I am and I dont have to count how many K's I need to do between sections....

Up to the Arm PITS

Knitting in the round....the only way to go. u knit the body up to the arm pits...then you knit up the sleeve to the length you want up to the arm pits. now laying them together and with X numbered of stitches put on scrap yarn...for under the arm now attach the sleeves...knit accross the front...then across the left arm and around, then across the back...and over to the right sleeve...knit around that sleeve to the front...and you go round and round....

U got that Sandy???


I know parts of the country have had their fill of snow...but being a Wisconsinite...I love snow. Living on the East coast...we didnt get any this year...but this morning ..there it was. And when I looked at it at 5AM falling so gently and glissening it gave me a feeling like I was going to see Bambi come out of the woods...

It's warming up now and I can see it will probably be gone by the weekend.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


My brother, Bob, second one from the right bottom row. He always said he was good at diving close to the board cuz he was so blind he couldn't see it so it didn't scared him to dive that close. I watched scared the crap out of me to watch him!!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Polish Eagle for Knitting...Armenian Technique

(This chart is 8 spi x 6 spi, for a Jumper/DK weight yarn)

This chart is for Armenian knitting...a technique that uses 2 colors. Your main color is the background color and then the pattern is done in the carried color.
I added the crown in another color, because it is small enough that the crown and claws could be done in duplicate stitch.
If this chart is to be used as an afghan I would suggest you trap after 2 stitches...this will make the loops in back much smaller and I doubt you would have to then "cover" the back.
I suggest you use wool and you work in the round on circular needles. I beleive to steek you need to use wool and that is why I say this. If your blanket is to be 300 stitches wide...then knit 300 + 3....the 3 will be for steeking. Once cut you can then add an edge of choice.
My choice of colors would be Main color white and the Eagle done in red or black. The Chart is an outline so the Eagle will be white when done.
Now for the technique. I suggest you order the book from The great thing is then Meg will sign it for you. OK, your in Poland and can't get the book...Schoolhouse Press does ship over seas.
You could also, go to Boarders for the afternoon and read the book and lean to do the trapping while there...but the book has some amazing patterns and constrution techniques well worth the price. You could try the local Library too...but since it is a new book...I wouldn't bet on it...u could ask them to order it or to interloan it.... The fastest is order from Schoolhouse would have it next week.
I will be posting a small video with the trapping technique in the future sometime...we are having capture card issues with my new computer...Well, it is capturing the video...just no sound!
If you click on the chart, a very large version for printing out will pop up.

Now with that said...Let's get Knittin

Monday, January 28, 2008

Somedays...Taking up Drinking might HELP

OMG...Murphy is here matter what I try to is a disaster.

Woke up, worked on my Armenian, Sailor, Flapper Sweater...say that 3 times! I had started this sweater last week and had gotten about 7inches the round. Kept thinking it looked a little small. However, I knew it should fit...I had more stitches to the inch then I needed....WRONG. The more stitches per inch the smaller the gauge...if you don't's a long story...and those that knit are shaking their heads saying "What a dummy"!

Well, the sweater was too small...I wanted baggy and I was going to get normal. FROGED. Ripped out for the rest of the non knitters.

Ok, so I restarted it and caught up...but went too many rows...i should have started my pattern about 7 rows back...OH FuddleDud!

Ok...go redo the pattern...I have printed out so many versions because I keep missing little math/stitch calculations...I have to get this just right or my graphic on the sweater will be off. I think I have that now. Ignore any red or yellow lines...they are for my reference points. Well that is the sweater design. The sweater will have a ballet neck...lightly scooped...drop sleeves which will cuff so they will be "poofy" at the cuff. the top will also be banded and gather at the bottom, like the flapper blouses...
Well, Knitting wasn't going so good, so I decided to work on baby stuff. I am doing a blanket and I put one piece of the binding on and was going to put the second one on when I noticed that the colors didn't match...I checked...the color codes were the same, the name was the same...but the colors weren't...I am taking it all back to the store and having a hissy tomorrow!
Ok, cant work on baby things, will work on Sue's project...NOPE. Ron has built me a new computer up stairs for my sewing machine...I have one I can create embroidery on...My soft softwear needed to be I started...but now it won't run... OMG...WHAT ELSE?
And I am driving poor Tami nuts at SHP, I want to do some baby knitting and I want the right now I have her going crazy...I am going to have to invite her out for a drink, when I go to camp this year...That poor child had to start the week with me....sorry Tami.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Camp video from Wisconsin Public TV

This link will open the video on your computer...I think you will need Windows Media Player for this to work.

This is linked to a video that Public Tv made of Meg Swansen's knitting camp...enjoy then go join

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Rapid Death of Brain Cells

I was just wondering how many brain cells does one have to lose to make them think they can catch a falling egg with their hip...against the cabinet. A RAW EGG...OMG...I am going to need a full time nurse at this rate!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Spanish Peacock Progress

I mentioned I abandoned the trial Peacock since it was going so well and have now started the red one. I just started it and I am amazed how much easier it is to knit it up in wool rather than crochet thread...

Here she is in all her glory.

Armenian Knitting and out right babbling

Now this has got my attention...I love it. If you don't know about it...get the book from Schoolhouse Press and check it out. Using this technique opens all sorts of creative doors for knitters. The technique is so easy to also improved my 2 color knitting.
I used this technique in my knitted banner above. I have have so many ideas for designs...I will be knitting with this technique a lot this year.
On Ravelry we are doing the black and white flapper sweater of Elsa Schiaparelli, she designed this black and white sweater using this technique back in 1920...something (it is 6 AM I can't remember right now the correct date). I am doing my own version of this...and I will be doing mine in blue and white...
Back to the will have you ooooing and ahhhhing. The colors and charts are amazing...some of the sweat constructions are over my head yet...but I will work on that esp since I want to do sevral of the designs in there. For now it is my flapper sweater...I should get my yarn next week. I am so glad I decided to do the Christmas stocking with Meg Swansen because I then had my swatch and am ready to go when the yarn gets here.
Well, those that know me, know I babbly...always let me tell you what else I am knitting.
Before my "must use wool" days, I purchased some Red Heart for a bunch of vests I wanted to make. Then I found out you can't or shouldn't do steeks with arcylic....Since then I started to make the Rib this is not a pattern I was drawn to...matter of fact I doubted I would ever make one. When I went to camp and saw it on Meg, I thought hmmm looks really nice....this might be a possibility. So as the weather got cool and I wanted to try to knit with the unspun...the Rib Warmer became the best solution...quick and not much wool involved. Not only is the Rib Warmer a quick knit it has some cool techniques for shaping and you really get to practice your wrap and turn. Once blocked I wore it EVERYDAY...EVEN ON CHRISTMAS. Ok back to the Red now I am knitting up all my Red Heart into Rib Warmers...
OK...break time and I need more espresso!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Time to Post...

INKY checking out the printer....his latest trick is to turn off the kitchen light when I am in there...he knows now when he does this to me I will chase him...wasn't very smart of me to start it is a game.
I love my Rib everyone is getting one for Christmas next year...Tami wants a pink one with silver...OK
I was having problems with my Sheepsdown getting all twisted after I balled Meg said she knit it off the with my stepstool I now can knit in the den...however, this also intrigued the kitten.
Last year for the Sept Mini camp one of the assignments was a Meg's Spiral Neck Sweater...I made mine adult size however, I tried to fudge with the gauge and wound up with a rather large sweater. When I got home I frogged I am redoing it with the correct gauge and I have added subtle corragated ribbing. I am using Regal, Grape... Plum for accent ( I havent decided what I am going to try with the spiral neck...use the lt color for the sprial, or do purls or knit the spirals and do the light inside the many choices.
As of tonight I have already inserted the short rows for the back and am just short of the arm pits.
Watch cap This week I worked on my Aran and it was going very good...until I found out the dye lot I have is gone and now I have to redo what I have done...I'm not too bothered by this...I took the yarn I had and knit up a watch cap for one of my sons...he wore it the next was 8 degrees, so I know the hat came to good use. With the other skein I have, I will chart out some of my cables from my coat for a hat to go with my coat...even if the dye lot doesn't match no one will be able to tell. The watch cap is P1, k1b ribbing...I love that k1b...I have it all over my Aran coat.