Saturday, January 5, 2008

Armenian Knitting and out right babbling

Now this has got my attention...I love it. If you don't know about it...get the book from Schoolhouse Press and check it out. Using this technique opens all sorts of creative doors for knitters. The technique is so easy to also improved my 2 color knitting.
I used this technique in my knitted banner above. I have have so many ideas for designs...I will be knitting with this technique a lot this year.
On Ravelry we are doing the black and white flapper sweater of Elsa Schiaparelli, she designed this black and white sweater using this technique back in 1920...something (it is 6 AM I can't remember right now the correct date). I am doing my own version of this...and I will be doing mine in blue and white...
Back to the will have you ooooing and ahhhhing. The colors and charts are amazing...some of the sweat constructions are over my head yet...but I will work on that esp since I want to do sevral of the designs in there. For now it is my flapper sweater...I should get my yarn next week. I am so glad I decided to do the Christmas stocking with Meg Swansen because I then had my swatch and am ready to go when the yarn gets here.
Well, those that know me, know I babbly...always let me tell you what else I am knitting.
Before my "must use wool" days, I purchased some Red Heart for a bunch of vests I wanted to make. Then I found out you can't or shouldn't do steeks with arcylic....Since then I started to make the Rib this is not a pattern I was drawn to...matter of fact I doubted I would ever make one. When I went to camp and saw it on Meg, I thought hmmm looks really nice....this might be a possibility. So as the weather got cool and I wanted to try to knit with the unspun...the Rib Warmer became the best solution...quick and not much wool involved. Not only is the Rib Warmer a quick knit it has some cool techniques for shaping and you really get to practice your wrap and turn. Once blocked I wore it EVERYDAY...EVEN ON CHRISTMAS. Ok back to the Red now I am knitting up all my Red Heart into Rib Warmers...
OK...break time and I need more espresso!


Anonymous said...

please leave answers to group:
1. Define "to steek"
2. I love the look of the Armenian Knitting and want to know if, because you are using 2 strands of yarn, if the resulting fabric is thick or heavy. (I have the book on my later list).
3. How do you like the colorful Knit Pic wooden needles?
Sandy (

EZ Knitter said...

Have emailed Sandy with reply.