Monday, January 28, 2008

Somedays...Taking up Drinking might HELP

OMG...Murphy is here matter what I try to is a disaster.

Woke up, worked on my Armenian, Sailor, Flapper Sweater...say that 3 times! I had started this sweater last week and had gotten about 7inches the round. Kept thinking it looked a little small. However, I knew it should fit...I had more stitches to the inch then I needed....WRONG. The more stitches per inch the smaller the gauge...if you don't's a long story...and those that knit are shaking their heads saying "What a dummy"!

Well, the sweater was too small...I wanted baggy and I was going to get normal. FROGED. Ripped out for the rest of the non knitters.

Ok, so I restarted it and caught up...but went too many rows...i should have started my pattern about 7 rows back...OH FuddleDud!

Ok...go redo the pattern...I have printed out so many versions because I keep missing little math/stitch calculations...I have to get this just right or my graphic on the sweater will be off. I think I have that now. Ignore any red or yellow lines...they are for my reference points. Well that is the sweater design. The sweater will have a ballet neck...lightly scooped...drop sleeves which will cuff so they will be "poofy" at the cuff. the top will also be banded and gather at the bottom, like the flapper blouses...
Well, Knitting wasn't going so good, so I decided to work on baby stuff. I am doing a blanket and I put one piece of the binding on and was going to put the second one on when I noticed that the colors didn't match...I checked...the color codes were the same, the name was the same...but the colors weren't...I am taking it all back to the store and having a hissy tomorrow!
Ok, cant work on baby things, will work on Sue's project...NOPE. Ron has built me a new computer up stairs for my sewing machine...I have one I can create embroidery on...My soft softwear needed to be I started...but now it won't run... OMG...WHAT ELSE?
And I am driving poor Tami nuts at SHP, I want to do some baby knitting and I want the right now I have her going crazy...I am going to have to invite her out for a drink, when I go to camp this year...That poor child had to start the week with me....sorry Tami.

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