Friday, January 4, 2008

Time to Post...

INKY checking out the printer....his latest trick is to turn off the kitchen light when I am in there...he knows now when he does this to me I will chase him...wasn't very smart of me to start it is a game.
I love my Rib everyone is getting one for Christmas next year...Tami wants a pink one with silver...OK
I was having problems with my Sheepsdown getting all twisted after I balled Meg said she knit it off the with my stepstool I now can knit in the den...however, this also intrigued the kitten.
Last year for the Sept Mini camp one of the assignments was a Meg's Spiral Neck Sweater...I made mine adult size however, I tried to fudge with the gauge and wound up with a rather large sweater. When I got home I frogged I am redoing it with the correct gauge and I have added subtle corragated ribbing. I am using Regal, Grape... Plum for accent ( I havent decided what I am going to try with the spiral neck...use the lt color for the sprial, or do purls or knit the spirals and do the light inside the many choices.
As of tonight I have already inserted the short rows for the back and am just short of the arm pits.
Watch cap This week I worked on my Aran and it was going very good...until I found out the dye lot I have is gone and now I have to redo what I have done...I'm not too bothered by this...I took the yarn I had and knit up a watch cap for one of my sons...he wore it the next was 8 degrees, so I know the hat came to good use. With the other skein I have, I will chart out some of my cables from my coat for a hat to go with my coat...even if the dye lot doesn't match no one will be able to tell. The watch cap is P1, k1b ribbing...I love that k1b...I have it all over my Aran coat.

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Anonymous said...

Lordy but you are going to get tired of my questions but it's your own fault for having an interesting blog to read! Ok, that's my story and I am keeping to it! Now for the question:

what is p1kib?

DH wants me to knit a watch cap and I know there must be simple patters for it and it would knit up quickly but I just keep finding all the fancy but KISS patterns. Do you know where I can find one on line? He is from Scotland so rarely gets cold and hasn't worn the vests I have knitted him. It is the only thing he has asked for so I really want to do it for him. He could use it not only on the rarely cold couple of days we have in north Texas but also under his SCUBA dry suit.

Sandy in Coppell (spvaughan@yahoo)