Friday, February 22, 2008

Spanish Peacock Shawl update

Oh...she comes in at 7 ft across

Today the Spanish Peacock freed her self from her needles...she spread her wings to show her true beauty...and what a beauty she is!

(the colors are more of a dark wine red instead of the light red u see...I hope to take much better pictures once she is placed on a light color back ground.)

Whew...this is a handful. The Peacock wasn't bad but the finding an edge has been a nightmare. I have been looking for just the right one. I have been looking for it in all my books and on the net...finally found one I liked. I down loaded it and worked for 5 days trying to get the thing to knit up...but I kept getting the wrong number of stitches. I counted and counted and ripped and redid the thing for 5 days...I wanted to sit in the corner and cry...finally I said it has to be the pattern not can not knit 25 stitches if there is only 24 stitches on the needle. I finally found the designer...and sent her an email. She assured me it was correct...I assureed her it wasn't...finally she wrote back and said...geee there seems to be a mistake...THANK YOU!

She said she would correct it and get back to me...4 days later I was looking for another edge. I found it in one of my books that Judy sent now it was time to make a chart that I could follow...of course being in a hurry I made so many mistakes...3 days later I finally had all the right number of stitches but no clue how to do a YO at the end of a row. Good ol Ravelry and the knitters there, got me through it and we got the thing to work. I knit and I knit and I seem to get nowhere. I am really having a problem focusing on this....I think because I had a feeling I didn't have enough yarn....I DON'T. However...Tami and Schoolhouse Press found more of the same lot...Thank you have saved me.

So, now I finish the skein I have and wait for the new yarn to come...

So here it is...not done yet and the chart I did. As you can see my charts are pretty colorful...but they help me keep focused on where I am and I dont have to count how many K's I need to do between sections....

Up to the Arm PITS

Knitting in the round....the only way to go. u knit the body up to the arm pits...then you knit up the sleeve to the length you want up to the arm pits. now laying them together and with X numbered of stitches put on scrap yarn...for under the arm now attach the sleeves...knit accross the front...then across the left arm and around, then across the back...and over to the right sleeve...knit around that sleeve to the front...and you go round and round....

U got that Sandy???


I know parts of the country have had their fill of snow...but being a Wisconsinite...I love snow. Living on the East coast...we didnt get any this year...but this morning ..there it was. And when I looked at it at 5AM falling so gently and glissening it gave me a feeling like I was going to see Bambi come out of the woods...

It's warming up now and I can see it will probably be gone by the weekend.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


My brother, Bob, second one from the right bottom row. He always said he was good at diving close to the board cuz he was so blind he couldn't see it so it didn't scared him to dive that close. I watched scared the crap out of me to watch him!!