Friday, March 21, 2008

Spanish Peacock Spreads it's wings

The Spanish Peacock from A Gathering of Lace by Meg Swansen, was freeded from it's needles this week and at once spread it's glorious wings to show it's beauty. And what a beauty it is at 7 feet across. Here are some satistics on the edge alone: The edge is from Barbara Abbey’s Knitting Lace (Schoolhouse Press) pg 68 #73 Valenciennes. …I did chart this out…even color coded it to make it easier to follow…it is a 12 row, 26-28 STITCH repeat.
The last row of the shawl has 48 repeats…those repeats have 20 stitches…48X20=960 stitches…each of those stitches get a double pass from a row of the edging (there and back of lace edging) 960x2=1,920 rows….x an average of 27 stitches(an edge row) = 51,840 stitches…that was the edge only.

The Peacock will now fly to TN to a new home where it will be well cared and loved.