Friday, July 17, 2009

I have got to get in here and post

It has been so long, it's a disgrace.
I am knitting and loving every min...much has happen in my life this year...most good, some strange...but it's like a just keep going with the flow.
I have made great friends on really does seem like a is just sad we cant all meet.
I am kski on Ravelry and you can find me in A Knitter's Choice forum...
Well i have knitting to do tonight but will be here soon with some exciting pictures and youtube video...
I have been a grandmother to the 4 legged type for years....this year...I became a Nanny to the most adorable little boy...what a joy he is and I have to say, his parents are doing a fantast job rasing him. I will have pictures. I had always promised my self I would not be one of those "grandmothers"...hummm not sure that is going to stick.


Nancy said...

Hello! SO happy to see you back in the blogosphere!

EZ Knitter said...

lol..i'm not there yet...just trying to move that picture down so i dont see it on Ravelry every then maybe i should..might help with my food decissions...but i am being extreamly good.
i will try to get to your blog tonight to see your camp comment..u better have full details for me.